Get Your Resume Chosen

Get your Resume Chosen! Do the Recruiters work for them.

Often submitting your resume online can be like submitting your resume into a black hole. HR has to review hundreds of resumes for each opening. Therefore, if you want to make the shortlist, you need to standout and, by standout we don’t mean fancy fonts or bright colors.

Learn These Soft Skills to Get and Keep the Job

Employers today are looking for candidates who possess a combination of both hard and soft skills. Soft skills are developmental, social and communication skills that can be beneficial not just in your career, but similarly in your personal life. While it’s accurate that hard skills are still very important as they are associated with your expertise and knowledge, soft skills can be even more crucial for your employment success.

October 2017 Temp of the Month

At Expert Recruiters we truly value the amazing support our Temporary Ambassadors provide to our clients! This month our Temp of the month award goes to a candidate who always has a smile on her face and happy to help out! Congratulations Shannen H. #expertrecruiters #tempofthemonth #experttemps #vancouver #appreciation

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Things to Remember when you take on Temporary Employees

Things to Remember when you take on Temporary Employees

Taking on an employee on a temporary basis is a great way to quickly solve a problem or fill a need efficiently and economically.

Temporary employees coming from an agency are put through a rigorous process; they are screened, interviewed, tested and referenced. They are given information on your company and first day instructions which means they are coming to you as prepared as possible however; now it’s your turn. Taking the time to properly onboard a temp employee can set them up for success which will only help you in the long run.

Temp of the Month 2017


At Expert Recruiters we truly value the great support and level of service our Temporary Ambassadors provide to our clients. Our long standing Temporary Department, Expert Temps provides support to clients, be it in covering vacation leave, sick leave, or during a busy period. To show our appreciation to these wonderful Temporary Ambassadors we have launched a new “Temp of the Month” program.

The Temp of the Month honour goes to a candidate who has been an outstanding temporary ambassador for Expert Recruiters, receiving wonderful feedback from clients, providing their weekly timesheet in an efficient manner and not missing any days during the period.


The deserving candidates thus far in 2017 have been:

January 2017               J. Nayda

February 2017            Ashwin. D

March 2017                 C. Nguyen

April 2017                   A. Sanz

May 2017                    E. Webb

June 2017                    S. Quigley

July 2017                     I. Tonetti


Thank you for your wonderful work and great support to our Clients!

Style, cocktails and betting warrants for a successful day at the track with Expert Recruiters

Expert Recruiters was proud be a part of one of Vancouver’s most stylish events of the summer. This good old-fashioned day at the races brought out the fanciest of hats and bow-ties a plenty.  We wanted to thank our clients, candidates, friends, and colleagues who participated in this fun occasion. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!



“Five Rude and Insulting Interview Questions and How to Answer Them” - OUR comments on forbes article

How clients can avoid the awkward questions and ask what they are trying to find out in a better way, and candidates, if asked the original question, can turn it into a positive and provide a constructive answer.

This article focuses on some uncomfortable interviewing questions that are frequently asked and sometimes difficult to answer, however, these questions can be delivered and responded to in a way that makes it more specific to professional experiences and attributes.

The first question was about your greatest weakness?  This is a question that is too broad, however if you make it specific or re-phrase it can be beneficial. For example, where do you feel in your professional experience, that you would like to make improvements to or learn to make your next role more successful?  This now makes it more professional performance based and turns it to a positive.

Question 2 speaks about what your former boss would say about you?  Again, this is a bit broad, if you made it more specific this can be a very valid question and it can show the consistency with the references that are performed.  Example; From your past experience, what do you think your former Manager/Supervisor was your greatest achievement while you were there?

The third question: We're interviewing many other people for this job. Why should we hire you? I agree with the article in the sense that it can be an intimidating question, the candidate is now thinking that they are competing with more qualified candidates that you don’t know, it can be stressful.  It would make more sense to focus on what the candidate feels are their best attributes that align with the role and the company’s values.

Question 4: Where do you see yourself in five years? This is very wide ranging, and I can understand from the client point of view they want someone for the long-term, however anything can change and you can feel one way and then you may go in a different direction all together.  A more specific question would be more on what is your professional passion, or what attracted you to this role/industry? 

Salary expectations was the final question and is tough for a lot of people I meet. Talking salary is always difficult for candidates and it is an in inquiry that I get asked often on how to manage.  It is easier to do your research on the role and the market salary in your local area, also factor in your years of experience and if you are confident to give your expectation then that is great to be upfront.  On the other side, people get nervous that they will give an answer that is too high or too low, always go based on knowledge and real expectation.  If this is not something you are comfortable engaging, it is always best to let them know that you are interested in role and your expectation is based on the market and you are open to discussing further.

From my personal experience, it is always best when interviewing candidates to ask more detailed and specific questions on professional experience, this will help get a better response from your candidate and make them feel more comfortable and valued professionally.

Set Career Goals with a Personal SWOT Analysis

Set Career Goals with a Personal SWOT Analysis

Originally developed in the 1960’s as a strategic planning method for businesses to measure internal and external forces impacting their company, the SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats. As the name suggests, the SWOT analysis looks at the strengths and weaknesses of a company or business venture, as well as the opportunities and threats that it may encounter in the marketplace, with the end goal being the formulation of clear, focused and realistic long term goals. The SWOT analysis has been proven to be a practical, beneficial tool and it remains widely used throughout the business community.

Employee Retention in the Finance Sector

Employee Retention in the Finance Sector

One of the top challenges identified by CFO’s for 2015 is not only acquiring but retaining financial talent says Ernie Humphrey CTP Corporate Financial Educator and CFO.

“Developing talent in the finance organization ranked as a top-three concern in a study of 500+ CFOs” – IBM Institute of Business Value

Expert Recruiter’s Pink Ribbon Tea Party

Expert Recruiters would like to invite you to our Pink Ribbon Tea Party in aid of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. At Expert Recruiters this is a charity close to a number of our hearts and something that we would be honoured to help in the search for cure and support for all those affected by this disease.