Get Your Resume Chosen

Get your Resume Chosen! Do the Recruiters work for them.

Often submitting your resume online can be like submitting your resume into a black hole. HR has to review hundreds of resumes for each opening. Therefore, if you want to make the shortlist, you need to standout and, by standout we don’t mean fancy fonts or bright colors.

First: Apply for the right jobs that suit your background and experience.
Applying for jobs where you lack the basic skills and background required is a waste of everyone’s time, including your own. Read the job description carefully and make sure you are qualified for the position before submitting your application. Submitting your application to jobs willy-nilly will discredit you for any jobs that may come along within that company or recruitment agency that you are actually qualified for.

Second: Demonstrate on the first page exactly how you match.
Now that you have read the job description carefully and recognized that you match the background and possess the required skills and qualifications you need to prove this to the recruiter, and fast! Make sure your resume clearly states on the first page that your past experience, skill set and goals are in keeping with the job description. Remove any irrelevant information; make it clear from the first glance, that you are the perfect choice for the position.

Third: Write a thoughtful cover letter.
Your cover letter is another way to stand out from the hundreds of other submissions. A well-written thoughtful cover letter to go along with your resume will get you that much closer to the interview round. Make sure to outline that your future goals and aspirations are in keeping with the position you’re applying for. Personalize your cover letter for the specific position; discuss how your past experience is relevant and how you can contribute to the organization in the specified position.

A sharply written Resume outlining your relevant skills and experience on the first page is a sure fire way to get the recruiters attention, a well-written personalized cover letter is the extra little push that they need to pick up the phone and call you for an interview.

We hope you found this resourceful.