Our Mission

Expert Recruiters started in response to a need in the marketplace for a truly personalized boutique recruitment agency that placed people over numbers.

Our founder, Darcia Bower, wanted to combine the service level of 5 star hotels with the business practices of cutting edge firms.

By crafting a team of like-minded individuals, we have realized that goal.  

Teamwork is how we work and no placement is made without the assistance of all.  Rather than compete, we assist, nurture and share. This unique system ensures that every client and candidate receives the benefit of our entire team.

Utilizing interview techniques that emphasize understanding what our candidates truly want and taking the time to get to know them really sets Expert Recruiters apart.

Continued education, implementing the best practices of leadership, and sophisticated technological systems aids Expert Recruiters in our endeavors.

But none of this would be possible without the assistance of our loyal customer base who we learn from with each meeting, interview and job order.

Contact us today to experience the Expert Recruiters Difference.