Working with our clients

Each client has unique needs based on their corporate culture, management style, objectives and skill requirements. At Expert Recruiters, we believe that it is critical these needs are thoroughly evaluated prior to embarking on any search process.

We employ a systematic approach that allows us to gain a strong understanding of these needs and move swiftly to find the top candidates for the role. At all points during the search, Expert Recruiters uses the utmost discretion with both clients and candidates.


1.    Initial Consultation

Our initial consultation involves a detailed conversation that includes the company’s current technical requirements, succession planning, corporate mission, values, individual management styles, strategic objectives and other pertinent information.

This is a revealing exercise that also explores the personality traits/characteristics, which are desirable within the organization and where the new hire can add the greatest value.

2.    Job Description

During the initial consultation, the job description is reviewed and refined if necessary. Often during this brainstorming session, functions may be added and others spun off to other members of the team. This is the dynamic phase of the process where we look at a number of possibilities, which could lead to the ideal solution.

A conservative succession plan is reviewed to ensure a long-term fit with a candidate. The leading reason for individuals moving on from their employers is often a lack of potential in their current position. It is important that an employer can accommodate a candidate’s short-term and, ideally, long-term career goals.

Current market salaries will be discussed as well as all other aspects of compensation. Once the details are in place and you are comfortable with the search profile, we move forward to identify prospective candidates.

3.    Candidate Selection Process

Candidate selection is quite often a two-stage process. During the first phase, a short list of candidates is drawn from an extensive database, which has been developed and maintained for over seventeen years. These candidates have either been referred to Expert Recruiters, actively recruited through previous searches or have answered targeted advertisements.

The second phase involves a targeted search process, which identifies industries and companies where suitable candidates are likely to be found.

4.    Qualifications and Referencing Candidates

All candidates represented by Expert Recruiters have gone through an extensive face-to-face interview process.

The interview involves behavioral and situational techniques that focus on understanding an individual’s technical qualifications, motivation, values and goals.

Candidates under consideration for a short list are carefully referenced. At Expert Recruiters, we believe the only true indication of future performance is past performance. Our references are assured confidentiality and focus on verification of technical competency, integrity, career potential and interpersonal skills.

5.    Candidate Presentation

A short list of our top candidates is presented for the client’s review. A summary is provided outlining the candidates’ backgrounds, reasons for recommendation and reference results.

6.    Evaluation Process

To ensure that the process moves smoothly, we follow up with the client and candidates regarding the interview and assess the fit of each candidate against the company’s requirements. At this point, selections for second interviews are made.

7.    Negotiation of Offer

Once the client wishes to present an offer of employment, Expert Recruiters will review all aspects of the agreement including compensation, benefits, career progression and notice period. Our extensive experience can greatly assist in facilitating negotiations and heading off counter-offers. As an intermediary, we are sensitive to the interests of both parties and work for the best of all involved.

8.    Follow Up

Our involvement with the client and candidate continues on well after the offer is accepted. Our follow-up discussions can provide valuable feedback on any training, technical or interpersonal issues which may arise during the transition period.

9.    Our Commitment

Bottom line, the hiring process is hard work. It involves planning, asking tough questions, listening to what is, along with what is not being said and then following that up with thorough background verification.

By working closely with our clients and candidates throughout the hiring process and diligently following our guidelines, we facilitate in the development of highly productive, cooperative and creative teams.