Things to Remember when you take on Temporary Employees

Taking on an employee on a temporary basis is a great way to quickly solve a problem or fill a need efficiently and economically.

Temporary employees coming from an agency are put through a rigorous process; they are screened, interviewed, tested and referenced. They are given information on your company and first day instructions which means they are coming to you as prepared as possible however; now it’s your turn. Taking the time to properly onboard a temp employee can set them up for success which will only help you in the long run.

Just because this employee is a temporary solution there are still some vital procedures you need to follow that you would with any new employee on their first day.

Even if an employee is there for only one day onboarding is still important and first things first – show them the bathroom!

The best thing to do is to assign one person responsible for the temporary employee; this person can show them around, introduce them to others and essentially and be their go-to for any questions that should arise.

Be sure to notify staff ahead of time to expect a new face in the office this way they are not caught off guard and are likely to be much more welcoming when they are kept in the loop.

Temporary employees may not stick around long-term but do remember they are there to help so make them feel welcome and who knows you might even just find your next permanent employee in your temporary solution!

We hope you found this resourceful.



Darcia Bower

Managing Director
Expert Recruiters