Temp of the Month 2017


At Expert Recruiters we truly value the great support and level of service our Temporary Ambassadors provide to our clients. Our long standing Temporary Department, Expert Temps provides support to clients, be it in covering vacation leave, sick leave, or during a busy period. To show our appreciation to these wonderful Temporary Ambassadors we have launched a new “Temp of the Month” program.

The Temp of the Month honour goes to a candidate who has been an outstanding temporary ambassador for Expert Recruiters, receiving wonderful feedback from clients, providing their weekly timesheet in an efficient manner and not missing any days during the period.


The deserving candidates thus far in 2017 have been:

January 2017               J. Nayda

February 2017            Ashwin. D

March 2017                 C. Nguyen

April 2017                   A. Sanz

May 2017                    E. Webb

June 2017                    S. Quigley

July 2017                     I. Tonetti


Thank you for your wonderful work and great support to our Clients!