Why temping in a basic role was the best decision I ever made...

There is a saying in the acting business that says “There is no small part only a small actor”. This particular phrase rings true in the office as well. Even what seems like a basic temporary role can make a large impact to a company and even your own career, it’s all in how you decide to approach and work it. Many times the main goal of a temporary job is to become permanent however; that’s not always the case and there are so many other benefits that come from temping.

A temporary job lets you dip your toes in the water without committing fully as often times finding out what you don’t want or like is just as important as finding out what you do. As Kerry Hanon a contributor to Forbes magazine says “I always tell people who ask my advice on changing careers–do the job first-moonlight, apprentice, volunteer. If you can get paid for a temporary gig, go for it.” This is a great way to see if that dream job is all you thought it would be.

Temping in a basic role was the best decision to make but it may seem insignificant and like a mere blip on your way to your ultimate career goals however, experience in any form shapes who you are as an employee. Also simply getting up and out the door, having somewhere to be is a great motivator seeing as an object in motion remains in motion. Also think of the people you are meeting and the contacts you are making, especially in this day and age when it really is all about who you know. Temping is a great way to build up your professional network as well as your list of references.

Be a sponge when you’re in what you may feel to be a boring or unchallenging environment, soak up everything you can and keep reaching out for more. Ask questions, this is your chance to see what other people have chosen for their careers; here is your chance to get an insight to the types of roles offered in different organizations.

A great way to look at your temporary assignment is to aspire to leave the office better than when you arrived or even better, to never leave at all.

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Darcia Bower

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