The Negatives of Mass Applying to Jobs

Applying to any and all positions a recruitment firm has listed is not a good strategy, yet a very common mistake. Listed here are some of the reasons why mass applying can do more damage than good.

What recruiters think:
Recruiters will see the multiple applications you have sent in and not only question your attention to detail if you’re applying for jobs you’re not qualified for, it will also cause them to question whether or not you really want the job or if you simply want any job.

You want your application to a position to inspire confidence in the recruiter and cause them to pick up the phone. Be sure to read through the qualifications of the job posting thoroughly and be able to back-up your application with specific reasons as to why you’re qualified and have them outlined on the first page of your resume.

Appearing uninterested:
Another possible negative outcome from applying to any and all positions is having a recruiter call you back and having no idea which position they are calling you about. You don’t want to appear caught off-guard or uninterested by not knowing what job application they are referring to.

If you are applying for multiple positions be sure to keep track of them all, this will also help if you plan on following-up, which you should. Tracking all applications and communication is very helpful while searching for a job.

Missing steps:

Finally while applying to jobs willy-nilly you may begin to lose track of the actual strong and specific applications you have sent out. A consequence of losing hope and feeling as if your applications are falling into black holes is not following-up, which can be a very important part of the job search process.

Do your research on each position you apply to and develop an action plan on how you are going to contact them to follow-up on your application. Whether your plan is to make a phone call, send an e-mail or even a LinkedIn message there should always be a next step after sending through your resume and application to an employer.

We hope you found this resourceful.