Celebrating 20 Years of success!

Twenty Years ago I started Expert Recruiters on my dining table.

One week later I realized I couldn't meet my clients in a coffee shop so I opened an office. One month later my first staff member joined and worked for free - ( forever grateful to L.R. , ER Alumni 1999-2009) Expert Recruiters just flourished and grew from there.

Listening, learning and loving what we do.

Making lives better helping people achieve their goals and realize their dreams.

On the anniversary day I am so grateful For the team that has continued the dream of finding companies where our candidates can realize their dreams is our inspiration to this day.

The footsteps taken by our originals: Linsey Ross, Carrie Taylor, Candace Braun, Toni Mohammed, Sarah Blackmore, and Katrina Martin were carried on by Dara, Alysha, Sabrina, Catherine, Karla , Julie, Cindy Brannan, and Sarah Ann McCabe, then filled and expanded by Ayesha, Katherine Wu and the returned Candace Amirault (nee Braun) have become so much deeper and more dedicated than I ever could have hoped for.

Daily, this team still changes lives, improves companies and makes a difference.

Working with such incredible and dedicated staff, job seekers and client companies has been amazing.

This is a note to acknowledge 20 years.

20 years of change.

20 years of work. 

20 years of inspiration. 

Thank you to all of you I haven’t named, and for those of you who made this dream a reality. Clients, candidates, staff, family and friends.

Thank you for whatever time and experience you contributed.

Without you 20 years wouldn’t have happened.


Darcia Bower