What Motivates You

What Motivates You? The Formula to Answering Another Daunting Interview Question

Are you someone who likes formulas? I’m not talking about math or numbers. I’m talking about a formula to answer an interview question you may find difficult to answer. For example, what motivates you? Seems like a daunting interview question, right? Well, it can be. As Recruiters, we find people go off topic on this question all the time, so we thought it would be best to bring to your attention the golden formula to use when an interviewer asks what motivates you? For 1) Reflect on your past experiences. What is it about your previous roles or role you’re applying for that excite you? 2) Make sure your motivation aligns with the company and role you’re applying for. Please don’t talk about your fitness regime or passion for photography unless it directly relates to the job 3) Be honest. Be authentic with your answer, don’t say the “right thing” to get the job. Think about the big picture, the longevity of your career with the company.  If nothing about the role makes you feel excited, then that is an indication its not the job for you 4) Stand out with a story and 5) Put it all together.  For more details and examples on how to use this formula. Click link below