The Executive Assistant is the New Powerhouse Role to be in!


Did you know the most underrated job right now is the Executive Assistant? A role that was once considered a low-end job with minimal pay, is now trending into a powerhouse role, with a high-end salary. If you’re someone who has toyed with the idea of being an assistant, has the experience and soft skills required to perform a role that supports an organization and its CEO, wants exposure to ‘all the moving parts of a business” then it may be worth your time and energy to consider applying for an Executive Assistant role. Trends may come and go, but a CEO is always going to need a right-hand person to keep them on track. Why not get into a role like this while the market is hot! Read this article to see what we’re talking about, and head over to Expert Recruiters website to apply for Executive Assistant roles (and other jobs) we’re currently working on.

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