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From in-house subject matter specialists with an innate ability to zero in and help clients find the perfect temporary or permanent fit for their business to offering a suite of comprehensive assessment and training programs for job candidates, Expert Recruiters is a placement agency that lives up to its name in every sense of the word.

Founded in 1999 by Managing Director Darcia Bower, the firm has since built a rock-solid reputation for providing truly innovative staffing solutions for a host of loyal clients and an ever-growing database of more than 70,000 candidates, thanks in part to its uniquely boutique, personal and holistic approach.

"We really believe in doing things a little bit differently here,” explains Bower. “We believe in treating candidates as people and helping them shape their careers and find success rather than just filling a job order. We pride ourselves on offering a personalized, one-on-one approach for each candidate.”

That approach is evidenced from the first time one walks through the doors of Expert Recruiters, located in a commercial brownstone on Helmcken Street. Rather than a run-of-the-mill sterile space, clients, candidates and employees alike are immediately put at ease thanks to a warm and welcoming (and pet-friendly) environment that includes a waterfall and chandelier and by design is more akin to a five-star hotel than an office.

Another key difference that sets Expert Recruiters apart is its collaborative and dynamic team of subject matter specialists who boast expertise in a wide variety of business sectors such as accounting and finance, technology, real estate and development, marketing and communications, healthcare and office administration, among others.

“While we’re proud to have recruiting experts who specialize in a number of fields, even more so we’re people experts,” says Bower. “Once we understand a company’s corporate culture we can apply that to whatever type of role they’re hiring for, and operating as a team means that we share our knowledge and candidate profiles in order to find the perfect fit for that position.”

Among the many complementary staffing programs Expert Recruiters has added to its own resume since its inception is the Uptempo! Ambassador Program, which grooms high-calibre, professional “ambassadors” for temporary employment, and Expert Recruiters Financial, which exclusively assists clients in financial and accounting industries recruit and retain top-notch talent.

Beyond helping clients find the right fit for a specific role, Expert Recruiters also offers candidates free skills assessment, training and tutorial services to help them improve their interview and software skills, as well as a wardrobe of blazers to ensure each candidate is professionally attired before embarking on an interview.

“I’m very proud of the calibre of people that have been through our doors,” says Bower. “The most rewarding part of my job is when we help someone find their dream position. It’s one of the most important decisions that they will make in their life and it’s so gratifying when you can find that perfect fit for them.”