Six Techniques to Improve Employee Productivity in Vancouver

Finding new ways to make the workplace more efficient is important for all organizations whether large or small and productivity gains throughout the organization starts with productive employees. Expert Recruiters have found a detailed article, published in Tribe HR, about the various methods of increasing productivity in your company.

Below are 6 key techniques to improve employee productivity in the workplace:

  • Brainstorming Sessions or “Think Tanks”

Companies constantly have both issues that need to be resolved and opportunities that can be seized however; a single employee cannot manage these things alone. A “Think Tank” is a great way to solve business problems and come up with new ideas, sort of like a small scale innovation center. A “Think Tank” can be created by having a group of employees participate in an open and judgment-free discussion/brainstorming session. Mediated “Think Tank” sessions are often highly effective ways of producing dynamic ideas and solutions to a specified problem or issue.

  • Coaching and Mentoring

In order for employees to reach their full potential they need to be coached. Coaching an employee is all about guiding them In order for employees to grow in their roles and start to solve their own problems and be productive. Being a coach is not about giving employees the answer, yet asking them questions that enable them to think differently in order to come to their own solution, increasing productivity for the long term.

  • Incentives

Whether it be a coffee gift card, a couple days off or a catered lunch incentives can definitely make your staff members more productive. Large or small incentives are a great way to remind employees that they bring value to the organization. While this may not be a long term solution it can be a great temporary boost to employee morale.  Recognition is key to employee engagement and an engaged employee is a productive employee.

  • Dependable Tools and Technology

Ensuring that all your company’s technology and tools are functioning properly is crucial to keep your employees productive. If equipment isn’t working correctly, or technology is not up to date; employees can easily lose their patience and become disengaged. Employees need both the proper tools and training to be successful in their work. It is very important for companies to invest money in both tools and the training needed to use those tools to prevent employee turnover and increase productivity.

  • A Clear Mission

Clear and open lines of communication across sectors and at every level of the company is highly important. While employees are often encouraged to work independently ensuring that everyone is on the same page and working towards a common goal creates a more productive workplace. Creating a work environment with a common purpose and clear organizational values can be achieved through company-wide meetings, shared office space, online discussion boards and even group e-mails.

  •  Contractors and Outsourcing

A company must be able to recognize its own strengths and weaknesses and be aware of the areas in which they would benefit from outside help.  Outsourcing areas of weaknesses to an expert in that field not only helps mitigate that weakness but also allows the company and its employees to focus on their strengths and continue to grow successfully. For example, a growing software development company might focus on their technical development while outsourcing their recruitment and staffing to an outside recruitment firm.

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