Human Resources Connor Clark & Lunn

Michelle Louie (former)

Connor, Clark & Lunn Financial Group (CC&L) is one of Canada’s largest independent investment managers, with offices in Vancouver and Toronto, and affiliates in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and Boston. CC&L provides professional management of financial assets for pension fund sponsors, corporations, foundations, mutual funds and individual investors. CC&L retains the services of Expert Recruiters to fill entry-level, intermediate and senior level positions in all areas of our organization, including financial, administrative, office services, marketing and management positions. Darcia Bower has provided recruitment services to CC&L for over 14 years to fill vacancies in both our Vancouver and Toronto offices. In the past four years that I have personally worked with Expert Recruiters, I have received an outstanding level of service in the following areas: • Understanding and meeting our needs • Quality of candidates presented • In-depth reference checks and skills testing• Professionalism and dedication. I am happy to act as a reference and highly recommend the services of Expert Recruiters and Darcia Bower.