Shane L.

I have worked with a number of recruiters over the years and the number of true "professional" recruiters I have met is extraordinarily small. Jane is a professional, you see in the interaction and the poise and control she demonstrates. I recommend Jane and if you require a professional recruitment team you can count on Jane and Expert Recruiters. 

Michelle Louie (former)

Connor, Clark & Lunn Financial Group (CC&L) is one of Canada’s largest independent investment managers, with offices in Vancouver and Toronto, and affiliates in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and Boston. CC&L provides professional management of financial assets for pension fund sponsors, corporations, foundations, mutual funds and individual investors. CC&L retains the services of Expert Recruiters to fill entry-level, intermediate and senior level positions in all areas of our organization, including financial, administrative, office services, marketing and management positions. Darcia Bower has provided recruitment services to CC&L for over 14 years to fill vacancies in both our Vancouver and Toronto offices. In the past four years that I have personally worked with Expert Recruiters, I have received an outstanding level of service in the following areas: • Understanding and meeting our needs • Quality of candidates presented • In-depth reference checks and skills testing• Professionalism and dedication. I am happy to act as a reference and highly recommend the services of Expert Recruiters and Darcia Bower.

Joanne Helme

I am pleased to write this letter with regard to the recruitment services provided by Expert Recruiters. I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Darcia Bower, the dynamic founder and personality behind Expert Recruiters, for the past eight years. Over the years, I have used Darcia’s recruitment services, exclusively for the BCMA’s administrative positions. Expert Recruiters has successfully completed searches for information systems, policy and economic professionals. The searches are consistently thorough and the applications well screened. We receive a few well screened resumes which saves the organization a lot of time.Darcia has an exceptional ability to understand the needs and requirements of not only the position, but the needs and requirements of the applicants. The length of time we have been involved with Expert has given them an in-depth knowledge of our organization, our needs and our expectations

Lynn McIlwee

I have worked with Darcia for over 10 years at two different companies and I continue to work with her exclusively due to the personalized attention she gives. She understands our business, our unique needs for each position and only sends qualified, well screened candidates for interviews. Expert Recruiters isn’t about making a placement, they are about making the right placement for both the employee and employer

Johanna. G

I am really enjoying my new position and thank Sarah-Ann so much for putting me forward for this opportunity. Having dealt with a few Vancouver recruiters lately, Sarah-Ann McCabe was clearly the best. Her initial interview was thorough and Sarah-Ann clearly considered my skills and experience when suggesting roles for me. I am so happy to have a position in such a fantastic organization that allows me to utilize my existing skills and develop new ones. Job hunting as an Australian on a working visa could have been very challenging but Sarah-Ann made the process easy and rewarding. I will always be so grateful for her help and will definitely be in touch with Expert Recruiters again, should the need arise. I was put in touch with Expert Recruiters by a friend who recommended Sarah-Ann and I will certainly be recommending Expert Recruiters to others.