What’s in a Thank You?

You’ve heard it before. Sending a thank you card post interview is essential. Well, as the tradition stands, it’s important not to neglect this step during the interview process. Remember, you want the interviewer to remember you! So, how can you take a generic thank you note to new heights?  For one, send a thank you email to your interviewer within 24 hours of your meeting. In your email, highlight the best parts of the conversation you had with the interviewer, and a final reminder as to why you'd be perfect for the job. Second, send a hand written thank you card in addition to your email in the mail. This will show the interviewer that you went out of your way to write a personal note and purchase a card. We at Expert Recruiters love when candidates add this personal touch and hope our tip will help you make a lasting impression that will lead you closer to your dream job!

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