Ayesha Lakha

Ayesha joined Expert Recruiters in late 2018 bringing an administrative and customer service background, and an education in Human Resources Management. She came to Expert Recruiters with drive to advance her career in Recruitment.

As a Recruitment Coordinator, Ayesha juggles many tasks throughout the day. Her #1 priority is ensuring all Consultants are supported to meet their daily objectives. Ayesha spends her day screening resumes, creating job posting, preparing interview packages and candidate profiles, answering recruitment inquiries, planning and attending events, performing reference checks all while maintaining and ensuring the effective running of the office.

Ayesha thrives in a fast-paced work environment and is continuously seeking growth from daily challenges. She’s energetic, loves people, and has a knack for building relationships. Ayesha looks forward to continuing her career journey with Expert Recruiters and looks forward to what the future entails.